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My Background

My name is Kerry and I bought my first DSLR camera when my youngest daughter was born in 2004.  What started as a hobby soon became an obsession.  As an ex English teacher, I have always had an interest in expression through art, be it via writing or photography.  I have been living in Malaysia for 17 years.  I primarily like to take portrait photos of individual people as I love faces and to really capture the essence of the subject through the eyes.  I have won awards for my photography and was featured on the cover of the very first KLPA photography competition brochure.  Recently I opened a wellness centre and I like to think of photography as an exploration of self both for me and for my clients.  I use the CANON 5D m4 mainly with an 85mm fixed lens.  I also like to use the Fuji XT-2.


Photography as Story-telling

The photo session is only the beginning of the process for me.  Once I have downloaded all the images, I carefully select the ones that really speak the loudest to me.  Using Photoshop, I then edit the photos as honestly but creatively as I can, so that I can really bring the image to life.  It is a creative and spontaneous process, which is why no two images will be the same.  I love to focus on the eyes in my portraits and to really engage the subject so that there is a real sense of connection.  A sense of story.  The story of the person in the image.  I want each image to captivate the viewer.  Some images will be simple portraits while others will be fairy tales.  I have to say that kids and teens are my favourite people to photograph!!



I love to teach, and one of my favourite subjects to teach is photography.  I offer 6 week courses (one morning a week for 6 weeks) or weekend workshops.  Dates and times will be on my blog.  The focus is primarily on portrait photography, but there is some discussion of street photography too.  I will offer simple, intuitive explanations of how to use your camera in manual mode, how to compose and create captivating images and also how to be authentic with your photography.  Finally there will be an introduction to Adobe Photoshop.  I will also offer photoshop workshops which will be one day workshops.


Tanya Tolman

Kerry has a brilliant way of capturing a stunning moment amidst chaos!  We loved the photos she took of our family of five.  Each child's portrait was magical and we will treasure them forever.

Luba Pogosova

I am so glad that Kerry and I crossed paths.  I was surprised by her open and friendly personality, and after seeing some of her photographic work, I had to ask her to take photos of my daughter.  And she did a marvellous job.  She really managed to capture the essence of her, something I can only see with my eyes, but i can never manage to capture with my camera or my iphone, no matter how many times I have tried.  She is truly gifted at really capturing the soul of the subject.  Thank you so much Kerry!

Nicola Pirie

Our photography session with Kerry could not have gone more smoothly. Entering into her vibrant studio, we were immediately made to feel at ease due to Kerry's warmth and professionalism.  Capturing the essence of childhood is no easy feat but Kerry was able to do this with ease. Or so it seemed!  We particularly loved the way she captured the boys' innocence yet fun loving, cheeky personalities.  The photos seemed to highlight the boys' eyes and it felt as if we could see directly into their souls. Kerry allowed them the freedom to be natural in front of the lens and the results were truly breathtaking.

Yogita Jethwani

Kerry is the most talented and creative photographer I have ever used, and in my past line of work, I used a lot of photographers.  She created beautiful, timeless memories in a frame.  Money well worth spent. Probably the best Portrait Photography in Kuala Lumpur.  Her photography classes are also entertaining and extremely informative.  She gives all of her heart in all her work.


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